November 2017 Box 您的十一月精送啤酒



The November box features beautifully crafted Italian beers by three breweries across Italy.  A true showcase of gastronomic decadence, regional and seasonal influences and a wide breadth of flavor and taste, this month’s box is sure to keep you both refreshed and toasty – it’s a box for all seasons.



Eastside Brewing


Here’s your brew line up:

  • Eastside Brewing’s Route 148, a classic blonde beer made for easydrinking. This beer is special; brewed especially for China.
  • Eastside Brewing’s Soul Kiss, a cool floral and spicy bitterness risesfrom Cascade hops and finishes rather smooth.
  • Retorto’s Krakatoa, a sharp, dark and bitter beer drawing parallels with the turbulent volcano it’s named after.
  • Canediguerra’s American IPA, offers nuanced aromas and a traditionaltaste profile for an American style IPA: tropical fruity notes and a mild malty body.
  • Canediguerra’s Brown Porter, the classic London style provides delicate notes of coffee with mild smoky aromas.
  • Retorto’s Marsellus W., another barrel-aged wonder, this time aged in 6 different rum barrels from Jamaica and Guyana aged for 4 years.

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本月的精选啤酒可以说是又一场意大利美酒盛宴.  受地域与气候的影响,意大利啤酒的口感与香味丰富而多元化, 四季皆宜.





  • 东岸酿酒的”148号公路”是一款经典的金色艾尔, 非常容易入口.  特别强调: 此酒是专门为啤友汇会员酿造的”啤友汇专属版”
  • 东岸酿酒的”舌吻”,  Cascade啤酒花带来的香味与苦涩,入口冰爽而丝滑.
  • 玖弓家酿的”喀拉喀托”采用汹涌的喀拉喀托火山来命名这款杀口、色重、苦涩啤酒真是再恰当不过了。
  • 战犬酿酒的美式IPA,  温和的麦芽酒体包裹着热带水果的香气均衡轻盈,细致入微,典型的传统美式IPA.
  • 战犬酿酒的棕色波特,经典伦敦风格的一款波特,咖啡和烟熏的味道微妙的结合在一起。
  • 玖弓家酿的一款巴里卡塔三料-“玛瑟卢斯先生”,秋之女后又一款木桶发酵的佳作,在产自牙买加和圭亚那的6个不同的朗姆酒桶里老化4年之久。










All photos courtesy of the breweries, Intravino.


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