October 2017 Box 您的十月精送啤酒



Commonly known for beautiful wines and gorgeous food, Italy is becoming a burgeoning destination for craft beer. This new wave is already taking Italy by storm with over 500 breweries operating to date.




Italian brewers approach craft beer with the same gusto and influence from its rich gastronomic culture, focusing on fresh ingredients, quality and creativity. This approach is evident in our most recent import – a diverse selection across style and taste from three highly rated and heavily awarded breweries.




Here’s your brew line up:


  • Canediguerra’s Bohemian Pilsner, a traditional Czech beer filled with Saaz hops for subtle spice on an otherwise refreshingly clean beer.
  • Retorto’s Morning Glory, a fun, spontaneous bottle pouring gold with a sensible bitter and sweet profile.
  • Eastside Brewing’s Abracadabra, looks like orange juice when pouring with yeast; punchy, light and magical.
  • Eastside Brewing’s Sunnyside, West Coast style with Italian creativity -fresh, aromatic, tropical with tolerable bitterness.
  • Canediguerra’s Double IPA, a robust, full-bodied brew featuring a well structured profile o fintense bitterness and a mild malt-sweetness.
  • Retorto’s Daughter of Autumn, a smoky barrel aged beer infused with scotch and oak notes, warming and perfect for cooler temperatures.



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通常人们只知道美食配葡萄酒. 殊不知在意大利精酿啤酒已经迅速发展了起来,这股热潮使得意大利有超过500家微型啤酒厂悄然升起。






  • 战犬酿酒厂 – 波西米亚皮尔森   传统的捷克啤酒,清澈的酒体带有一点点Saaz酒花的辛香。
  • 玖弓家酿– M.G自然清澈、金色酒体、苦甜适中。
  • 东岸酿酒厂咒语:金黄色的酒体与酵母掺杂在一起若隐若现,令人眼花缭乱。
  • 东岸酿酒厂阳面儿  美式西海岸风格与意大利创新精神的完美碰撞-新鲜、芳香、热带风味、淡苦。
  • 战犬酿酒厂 –  双料IPA 一款重口味的IPA,重酒体、高苦度、中度麦香。
  • 玖弓家酿– 秋之女  烟熏、苏格兰威士忌橡木过桶,适合冬季饮用。








All photos courtesy of the breweries.


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