December 2017 Box 您的十二月精送啤酒




Tis’ the season of giving, of feasting, or being with loved ones, of indulging, of partying, of welcoming in 2018…




Whether you’re enjoying December in the heat or in the cold, we’ve selected six of the most seasonally appropriate beers for all! This box has been curated with beers from across Europe; we present some award-winning breweries each with distinctive style, taste and branding.







Here’s your brew line up:


  • White Pony’s Rene, a Christmas Belgian ale offering cinnamon, cardamom, clove, ginger, star anise, orange peel and juniper spices.
  • La Pirata’s Suriaa gluten-free, sparky beer filled with hops and brewed with pilsner malts for refreshing, easy-drinking pleasure.
  • Uiltje’s Sunshine? Yes Please!, a low ABV but hugely flavorsome beer that knows exactly we all want!
  • Edge Brewing’s Barrica 22, creates a sensation for the senses through its merlot barrel infusion that seeps through in aroma, body and flavor.
  • Naparbier’s Black Christmas, is one to enjoy after feasting for anyone who celebrates a festival this month – sit back, relax and sip.
  • La Pirata’s Viakrucis, is one to get you hopping into 2018 with enormous candy-like aromas and a generous bitterness.



  • 小白马雷内:一款适合圣诞节庆祝的比利时艾尔,含肉桂,小豆蔻,丁香,姜,八角,桔皮和杜松等香料。
  • 垃毕哈达苏利亚:一款无谷蛋白美式艾尔,丰富的酒花,新鲜的皮尔森大麦,易饮型啤酒。
  • 奥利特沐浴阳光:低酒精度,淡香味十足,适合所有人。
  • 边缘精酿22帝国世涛:Merlot过桶,香味丰富、香气十足,给你不一样的感受。
  • 纳帕黑圣诞:这是一款适合所有人在参加节日盛宴后,静下来放松享受的佳饮。
  • 垃毕哈达十字架:  一款可以祈福2018的圣酒,苦甜交错。




This month’s beers are available to Drinking Buddies Beer Club members only. Members, if you’d like to get your hands on some bottles please let us know. Additional bottles will be released in January.



Not a member yet and feeling tempted by our beers? Join the beer club today to receive our December box and for exclusive pricing on beer reorders. Don’t forget, if you’re interested in any of our past beers, you have the option of adding those to your box too. For trade, events or private sales drop us a line.




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