What are barrel-aged beers? 什么是过桶啤酒?

  What is it?   A barrel-aged beer is a beer that has been aged for a period of time in a wooden barrel or in contact with wood.


简单地说, 过桶啤酒就是在木桶里陈酿过一段时间的啤酒。




The purpose of aging in wood is to retrieve the unique character of the wood, and/or flavor and aroma of what was previously in the barrel. The most commonly found barrel aged beers are those aged in oak barrels of bourbon or scotch. However, new barrels, wine or spirit barrels, and wood types of apple, alder, hickory and more can also be used for flavor and aroma. Some brewers also char or toast the barrels to further enhance the flavor of the wood.






There are no exclusive colors, textures, perceived malt, hop or bitterness aromas or flavors, to barrel-aged beers, enabling a broad range of discovery and experimentation for brewers and drinkers.






   Apply your knowledge 实战机会: 


Discover the taste of barrel-aged beers by trying the Marsellus W (aged in 6 different rum barrels from Jamaica and Guyana) and Daughter of Autumn (aged in 4 different scotch barrels), both from Retorto and available now.


意大利玖弓精酿(RETORTO)的玛瑟卢斯三料/Marsellus W (经6个不同的牙买加和圭亚那朗姆桶储藏老化) 和秋之女苏格兰艾尔(经4个不同的苏格兰威士忌木桶储藏老化)供您实践体会。





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