What do we mean by ‘small batch’? 什么是我们常说的small batch小众精酿?

We use the term ‘small batch’ frequently when describing our beers. What do wemean, and why do we use it?

自去年开始, “小众”这个词频繁的出现我们的推送中. 那它到底有什么特殊含义呢?我们为什么要使用这个词呢?


Small batch refers to small, limited brewing quantities.

Small batch“小众”主要是指酒厂规模小,生产数量有限。


To highlight just how small some of them are, we’ve stacked up some of China’s most popular beer imports against our Italian selection.



Brewery 啤酒厂 Quantity  (Liters)
Year 年 Reference 引用
Ballast Point 35,204,330 2015 Link
Trappist 11,734,777 2014 Link
Lindemans 9,900,000 2016 Link
Coronado 7,627,605 2015 Link
Stone 40,484,979 2016 Link
Karl Strauss  Brewing Co. 9,225,647 2016 Link
Founders 70,408,659 2015 Link
Little  Creatures 10,000,000 2015 Link
Boulevard 25,710,191 2016 Link
Firestone  Walker 42,420,865 2016 Link
Lagunitas 95,400,000 2015 Link
Retorto 212,000 2016 From brewery 啤酒厂提供
Eastside  Brewing 120,000 2016 From brewery 啤酒厂提供
Canediguerra 300,000 2016 From brewery 啤酒厂提供
Crate Brewery 68,000 2016 From brewery 啤酒厂提供






And to take it back further – the total output for ALL Irish craft beer was expected to amount to 24,100,000 liters in 2016. Yep, that’s ALL craft breweries in Ireland. Spins a different light on those Nomad IPL’s eh?

回来再说说爱尔兰精酿啤酒产业  –  2016年爱尔兰全国精酿啤酒总产量仅为2400万升,没错,这个数字包含爱尔兰所有精酿啤酒厂





To try some of our latest small batch imports, head our WeChat store to drink.



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