A Chat with Eastside Brewing 东岸精酿采访实录

Eastside Brewing is an artisan brewery located in Latina, Italy. Established in 2013 by a core team of three, the group only made the move as a registered brewery in 2014 and invested in a physical location in 2015 after a long series of experiences and experiments. Their beers focus on bold aromas to match the gastronomic delights abound in Italy; and their mission is to spread the knowledge and love of craft beer around a country where wine is at the forefront.


东岸(Eastside Brewing)以一个工匠酿酒厂的身份出现在意大利的拉蒂娜。2013年一个三人团队创建了东岸,2014年正式注册成功,经过一系列的实践与经历于在2015年正式投地建厂。他们非常看重酒的香味来搭配意大利美食;他们的愿望是能像葡萄酒那样把精酿啤酒以及其文化推广到世界各地


We spoke to Luciano, head brewer at Eastside, about how these colorful, aromatic beers take on their form and why.




(This interview has been edited for grammar and readability)




DB: Hi Luciano! Can you tell us a bit about what you do at Eastside Brewing? Hi Luciano!您能说说您在东岸精酿主要工作是什么吗?


Hi! I’m the brewer. I stay on after all the operations during the brewing day have finished, and I manage the stocks of materials in the warehouses.




DB: Can you tell us the story behind the name, ‘Eastside Brewing’, and what it means? 请您给我们介绍一下您的品牌名号“Eastside Brewing”背后的故事,有什么特殊意义吗?


When I was young (17 years old) I was a big basketball supporter. In 1992 I’ve created an ultras firm and I called it Eastside because the East part (cardinal point) of the stadium was where we sat during the matches. After some years the team has disappeared due to sports club problems but I continued to use the name Eastside in everything I did. It was a part of me. When we opened the brewery it was natural to use this name as an ideal continuation of my life path.





DB: You’ve been brewing a long time…! What or who first introduced you to craft beer? 您跨入酿酒行业很久了,是什么人或者是什么机缘巧合带您进入这个行业的呢?


10 years ago I made a trip to Ireland and a passion for craft beer exploded in me. After that I also abandoned the boring industrial beers.




DB: For anyone looking to get into brewing, where should they start? 对于那些想学酿酒的人, 他们该从何入手呢?


I am a brewer who has learned everything by myself. I did a lot of practice and studied books that are accessible to everyone via the internet. I remain convinced that apart from the basics of chemistry (without which you do not understand what happens during the brewing process), the most importantthing that remains is the practice.

我是个酿酒师, 所有的一切都源于自学。我做了很多次的试验,同时读了很多相关的资料,这些很容易就可以在网上找到。我觉得基本的化学知识要懂一些(不然你都不知道在酿造过程中发生了什么),但是最重要是还是实践经验。



DB: Your labels and branding are gorgeous, can you tell us a little bit of the story behind them? 你们的酒标非常酷,有什么特殊含义吗?


Every Eastside label is a little artwork. There is a story behind the symbols that are on the front of the bottles. The ideas behind the creation of these labels come from Alessio (my partner) and myself, then our graphic designer Roberto Terrinoni helps us to put on paper.

每款东岸啤酒的标都是一个小的艺术品。正标的符号是由我的合作伙伴Alessio和我一起设计的,最后由我们的设计师Roberto Terrinoni 帮忙定稿。




DB: What are your main responsibilities as head brewer? 作为首席酿酒师,您最主要的职责是什么?


The responsibility for basic beers is to maintain high quality beer. While for new beers it is to create an interesting and well-made product since its first realization. This is why it is important to know the raw materials and to imagine the evolution of the product even when it is inside the fermenter.





DB: How do you go about deciding and creating your recipes? 您是怎样研发和确定您的新配方的呢?


I usually try to be consistent with the reference style. Then check the color, bitter and alcohol levels that must happen at the end of the brewing. Then I try to characterize the beer with the combination of hops and the use of special yeasts.





DB: What’s craft beer to you? 精酿啤酒给您带来了什么?


It is a world in which I can express my creativity by making people and entertaining people with new and different products.




DB: What is your favorite beer to brew? 你最喜欢酿的啤酒是哪一款?


I love to brew a Farmhouse Ale (saison) like the BimbaMia. They’re beers in which the yeast and the hops have the same responsibilities to reach the result of a great beer.

我比较喜欢酿农舍艾尔(赛森),例如BimbaMia.   这一系列的啤酒,  为达到相应的效果,  酒花和酵母同样重要, 任何一个都不能忽略.




DB: What’s your ultimate drinking set up? 你喝酒的理想环境气氛是什么样的?


I like to drink beer with friends no matter the place or the music, just enough to have a sincere friend in front of me to talk to you in freedom.

我喜欢和朋友一起喝酒,  并不在意什么地点、什么音乐,  主要是能和真诚的朋友在一起自由的聊天就足以了.




Thank you for talking to us Luciano!



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