January 2018 Box 您的一月精送啤酒



Hoppy New Year Drinking Buddies! 新年快乐!  Drinking Buddies


Can you believe it’s 2018?! We can hardly comprehend how fast 2017 flew past. Or maybe it was all the beer?



We hope you’re all well rested, though not required for too long as we throw ourselves into another holiday so very soon!



We’re excited for another year of sharing craft beers with you all! We kick it off this month with a hoppier selection as we hop into the new year!   We teased those palates last month and this month we give you part two. This time we showcase Spain’s hoppier side across Edge Brewing and La Pirata, Netherlands darker and bolder side with Uiltje and a seasonal special from Emelisse. We also introduce our first Canadian beer from Quebec that sits right in between.


我们非常高兴在新的一年里继续和大家一起探讨精酿啤酒。本月我们持续上个月的季节性啤酒风格推出第二部分—假日啤酒升级版。来自荷兰的边缘(Edge Brewing)和垃毕哈达(La Pirata), 荷兰的奥利特(Uiltje)和爱美丽丝(Emelisse)以及第一次进入我们视野的一款来自加拿大魁北克啤酒。



Here’s your brew line up:


  • La Pirata’s Lupulus, a low ABV but sprightly option for anyone that feels a little guilty about overindulging recently.
  • Edge Brewing’s Space Coast, a hoppy galactic treat that crosses all dimensions of taste and aroma.
  • Edge Brewing’s Hoptimista, a hoptastic concoction of West Coast hops added at three points during brewing to create a tropical burst of flavor.
  • Uiltje’s Joost Mag Het Weten, offers a strong triple IPA heaving with honeyed infusions and a warming heavy body.
  • Brasserie Dunham’s Black IPA, presents strong malt and chocolate and follows with a bitter coffee, hop-bitterness and a mild smokiness.
  • Brouwerij Emelisse’s Imperial Russia Stout, is the beer to mull over your New year’s resolutions. Aged in oak barrels and velvety in texture.


  • 垃毕哈达的忽布:一款可以让你放纵一次的低酒精度啤酒。
  • 边缘精酿的太空海岸:一款银河治愈系啤酒,跨越了口味与香气所有维度。
  • 边缘精酿的酒花时光:酿造过程中完全采用美国西海岸啤酒花创造出爆炸性的热带风味。
  • 奥利特的帝国IPA:一款添加了蜂蜜的重口味三料IPA,高苦值、高酒精度。
  • 邓纳姆的黑色IPA:浓烈的麦芽和巧克力和苦咖啡的味道交织在一起,烤咖啡和烟熏的味道紧随其后。
  • 爱美丽丝的俄罗斯帝国世涛:橡木桶过桶,丝绒般口感,这是你新年最好的礼物。




This month’s beers are available to Drinking Buddies Beer Club members only. Members, if you’d like to get your hands on some bottles please let us know. Additional bottles will be released in February.


Not a member yet and feeling tempted by our beers? Join the beer club today to receive our January box and for exclusive pricing on beer reorders. Don’t forget, if you’re interested in any of our past beers, you have the option of adding those to your box too. For trade, events or private sales drop us a line.





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