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Drinking Buddies started because we missed drinking our favourite craft beers.


We started the company in mid 2016 when craft beer was still in its early days in China. There were only a handful of local microbreweries and imports were primarily arriving from large-scale US breweries.


There was a lack of variety, a lack of availability, and a lack of accessibility.


So, we decided to change it ourselves.



啤友汇的成立初衷很简单, 不要一再的错过那些令人垂涎的精酿啤酒。







We began importing some of our hometown favourites and then we continued to import, adding other exciting places and breweries around the world to our portfolio.


Our goal has always been to remove the distance between the artisans and drinkers: to champion and cultivate curiosity and discovery with beer, to help the local market discover the world through one-of-a-kind beers, to tease the palate and challenge the local norm, and to make the China market more accessible to the smaller producers.


You won’t find anything commercial in our portfolio. We’re about the little guys, the stories behind the breweries, the towns and the artists behind the beer. It’s all about the ingredients, the people and the passion. After all, that’s what makes a great beer.



我们的目标一直是拉近匠人与消费者之间的距离: 提倡和培养好奇心并不断挖掘高品质啤酒, 挑战国人对啤酒的传统刻板印象,丰富您的味蕾,同时帮助世界各地小而精的精酿酒厂进入中国市场。


我们的合作伙伴中没有商业酒厂 。我们关注的是那些小众匠人与其酒厂背后的故事,以及啤酒背后的小镇文化与酿酒师。对啤酒而言,所有的一切都离不开成分,人与激情。毕竟,这才是好啤酒的品质保证。

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About Us


Drinking Buddies is a two-part company, running an independent import and distribution arm supplying craft beers to select bars, restaurants, and hotels around China, as well as a direct-to-consumer side that operates China’s first Beer Club with monthly subscription packages straight to doorsteps.


We manage our entire supply chain, which allows us to continually procure and deliver quality beers directly from breweries to bellies.


All Drinking Buddies beers come from small, local breweries, many of which still bottle the beer by hand and offer unfiltered, pure flavours that make each and every bottle unique and provides an experience, we hope, will bring enjoyment to your beer consumption.


We also help facilitate the export of China’s best breweries.

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公司自己掌握整条供应链 ,这确保我们能不断地从酒厂直接采购高质量啤酒并安全保质地运送国内。