Alefried Beer Glass
Alfried of Alefried Brewery

Alefried was founded in 2015 by Alfried Borkenstein in Graz, Austria. After more than 10 years in the advertising industry Alfried thought the time had come to change to something more down-to-earth. After countless brands he had designed as a graphic designer, he could finally start his own brand.


In his years as a homebrewer Alfried had already gained a lot of experience at small scale and now set to work adapting his recipes to larger brewing plants. The process presented a significant challenge and was associated with a great learning process.


From love his love of yeast driven Belgian beer styles, rare beers with various yeasts can be found in Alefrieds program, which hardly anyone is brewing in Austria. These yeasts (if taken good care of) create complex flavor profiles that make up the character of these beers.


The passion to brew an exceptional product and constantly improve it gives Alfried immense joy and pleasure and to be able to hold his own product in hands the end of the day is probably one of the best rewards ever.


Alefried beer is fun and brings a new range of flavors to the market. Alefried gives beer the attention it deserves.

Alefried craft beers are all brewed on the farm where Alfried now lives.

AlefriedAlried Borkenstein2015年在奥地利Graz成立。在广告业打拼了10Alfried决定从事更务实的行业。作平面设计师,曾为顾客设了无个品牌的他,于可以拥有自己的品牌了。—Alfried已经有了多年的自家小酒经在他需要把他的酒秘方行更改,以适大批量生他是一个极大的挑,也离不的学新。比利啤酒泡沫的挚爱他在Alefrieds出奥地利稀有的啤酒。些啤酒泡沫所带来的复合口味,是些精啤酒拥有的特殊品制出上等的啤酒并不的改口味,总能Alfried带来极大的快。能够品一杯自己制的啤酒,是他一天辛苦工作最好的奖励