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Big Hug Brewing came together out of a love of great beer, brands and a desire to make a difference. Every beer they sell helps save 1sq ft of rainforest.

Big Hug Brewing brew their beers around the UK and Europe to bring a range that they hope will appeal, excite and reveal the joy of flavoursome, hand crafted beer.


Big Hug Brewing出于对啤酒的热爱,对品牌的追求独树一帜。他们承诺每销售一瓶啤酒就能协助拯救1平方英尺的雨林。                                                

Big Hug Brewing所酿造的啤酒遍及欧洲和英国,他们希望能够在一定范围引起大家对手工啤酒的关注,激励追逐了解这种啤酒所带来的清新的快乐味道。