The Hand & Malt

The Hand and Malt are a premier craft brand from Korea, synonymous with quality and consistency. Helmed by three Americans, Bryan, Philip and Brandon, they have pushed the boundaries locally and introduced innovations like kimchee lactobacillus beer, first to barrel age, first wet hop beer with locally grown hops, and first to collaborate with a major US brewery.


The Hand and Malt are dedicated to making quality hand crafted beers in Korea using only the finest ingredients with a no compromise attitude, always striving for consistently delicious beers you can trust every time it touches your lips.


Their total brewhouse capacity is 24 barrels and total fermentation volume is 75,000L.



Hand&Malt酒公司是国最著名的精啤酒品牌之一,他们酿造的啤酒量多年如一。 个品牌由三个美国人布恩,菲利普和布立,他在本地酒技艺的基上不断创新,正如他的第一款啤酒——kimchee lactobacillus beer国泡菜乳酸菌)。款啤酒是他第一次与一个美国啤酒厂合作,并且是第一款将湿酒花与本地啤酒花同加入造的啤酒。