Drinking Buddies are one of the early purveyors of high quality, small batch craft beer in China. We do things differently, operating both a B2B and B2C model since our inception and delivering beer ourselves to keep complete control over our portfolio. This has allowed us to receive consumer and retail feedback direct, informing and enabling us to be responsive to market needs.



We travel the world looking for unique, high-quality breweries that we can introduce to China. We work directly with each brewery and are the exclusive importer for many of our brands. We work to making the import process as seamless as possible for our partners.


We handle distribution ourselves both direct to consumers and trade. This gives us unparalleled insight which we can share with you, and means we can be responsive to market needs. Our distribution channels are spread across all Mainland China.


China possesses one of the world’s most unique marketing and consumer profiles. Using our decades of experience here we build brands and can advise breweries on how best to establish and grow their name in China. From market entry and pricing, to expansion and marketing strategies, we provide you with the solutions you need to reach your goals.


The craft beer industry is still in its early days in China. From the beginning we started a Beer Discovery Club, China’s first, to enable China’s most curious drinkers discover the world of beer. Through events, education, training, and content we teach the market and our retail partners about the beer and where it comes from via our team of passionate and knowledgeable beer experts.


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