Brauhaus Gusswerk

The craft brewery “Brauhaus Gusswerk” was founded in 2006 by Reinhold Barta in order to brew exclusively organic beers. Several international and national awards – including three “European Beer Stars” – reflect the consistently high quality products.

Reinhold Barta is head brewer and CEO of Brauhaus Gusswerk. He made his first organic beer in 1999. Since then he has been a pioneer in the organic, as well as the Austrian craft brewing scene. After his studies in Vienna and Ireland he was a “creative brewer” in a large private brewery before founding his own brewery in 2006. In 2011 he received the first ever awarded “Biersommelier des Jahres” (Beer Sommelier of the Year). The brewery is located in the town of Hof near Salzburg, where only organic beers are made on over 1.500 square meters. Connected to the brewery you will find a “Brew Pub” where you can enjoy perfectly served craft beer. Discover the pas- sionate and exceptionally tasting craft beers of organic quality! The Brauhaus Gusswerk is the only Austrian Organic Brewery with a full range of beers!

精酿啤酒厂”Brauhaus Gusswerk”Reihold Barta2006年成立,专注于生产有机绿色啤酒。囊括多个国际及国内啤酒大奖,包括三次欧洲啤酒之星头衔,足以证明其对高质量啤酒的把控。

Reihold Barta作为Brauhaus GusswerkCEO和首席酿酒师,他在1999年首次酿制了有机绿色啤酒。从此他便一直是有机酿酒业和奥地利精酿啤酒业的领军人物。在维也纳和爱尔兰学习酿酒的他,作为创意酿酒师就职于一家大型私有酿酒厂,直至2006成立了自己的酿酒公司。在2011年被首次授予年度品酒师称号(Bierosommelier des Jahres)。坐地1500平米的啤酒厂位于Salzburg附近的小镇Hof,专注于生产有机啤酒。顾客可在与酿酒厂相连的酿酒酒吧品尝完美的精酿啤酒,体会有机绿色啤酒酒的激情与卓越。Brauhaus Gusswerk是奥地利唯一一家全方位提供有机啤酒的酿酒厂。


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