Brew Age

Brew Age is a young and innovative company taking old brewing traditions and developing them further. The newly created beers and beer styles are then to offer new impressions and flavours to the beer expert and the beer newbie alike. 

It all started as a hobby: in 2006, Tom and Johannes brewed their first beer in a canning pot. Apparently it tasted nice, and it soon became clear that this should turn into more than just a hobby. Tom’s brother Michael joined the fun and at the end of 2007 there were early deliberations to open a microbrewery. These somewhat naïve plans, however, were not put into reality (with hindsight they say: thank god!). The idea itself didn’t die, though. And so Tom and Johannes started from scratch and went to Weihenstephan in order to study Brewing and Beverage Technology at the TU Munich. At the beginning of 2012 they returned to their original plans and Raphael joined the crew.

The Brew Age team went through various scenarios in their heads: to open their own brewery vs. gypsy brewing, establishing a brand and, most importantly, develop recipes. They soon realised that starting with building a brewery might be a bit tricky, and settled on the concept of gypsy brewing. Following an intense search for a partner brewery, they finally managed to start their cooperation with Reinhold Barta at Brauhaus Gusswerk. Today, they still brew their beers at Gusswerk, and in a way you can call them sedentary gypsy brewers: in contrast to classic gypsy brewers, who produce their beer (or have it produced) at various breweries, the Brew Age team brew their beers almost exclusively at Gusswerk, strictly according to their own specifications.

For the near future, Brew Age are planning to build our own brewery in Vienna.


Brew Age是一家年轻而勇于创新的公司,他们精谙传统酿酒工艺,并将之发扬光大。不管是啤酒专家还是新晋酒友,全新研制的啤酒和啤酒种类都将为您带来新的感受与风味。

这一切从一个爱好开始:2006年,TomJohannes用密封罐酿造了他们的第一批啤酒。这款啤酒味道精良,很受欢迎,以至他们已不再将酿酒作为简单的爱好了。Tom的哥哥Michael加入他们,并于2007年底策划成立一个微型酿酒厂。虽然这个有些幼稚的计划当时没能实行,但是他们并没有放弃开酒厂的梦想。之后TomJohannesWeihenstephanTU Munich从头学习酿酒和酒精饮料科技,并于2012年回到家乡,Raphael加入了他们,并成立了自己的酿酒公司。

我们设想了各种不同的情形:建立自己的酿酒厂,相较于吉普赛式酿酒,建立自己的品牌,最重要的是有自己的酿酒秘诀。很快我们意识到,建立自己的酿酒厂不是一个简单的事情,于是我门欣然接受了吉普赛式酿酒。经过全面的研究比较,我们最终选定位于Brauhaus GusswerkReinhold Barta与之合作。直至今日,我们依旧在Gusswerk酿制我们的啤酒。相较于传统的吉普赛式酿酒者在多家酿酒厂酿酒,一定意义上讲,我们是定居的吉普赛式酿酒者,因为我们只在Gusswerk严格依照我们的酿酒秘诀酿制啤酒。在不久的将来,我们计划在维也纳建立我们自己的酿酒厂。



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