You only have to glance at this Italian brewery’s name to understand that their beer packs one hell of a punch!

From the small town of Codogno in Lombardy, the Brewfist team helmed by two former architects, Andrea and Pietro, has been brewing in a manner that battles the old-fashioned understanding of Italian beer. “Pe*oni? No more!” they exclaim. While they may appear to shun tradition, Brewfist give respect to Italian artisan tradition fusing Italian with modern techniques and trends. They operate a famously respected barrel-aging program, run tiny quantities of one-off specials and seasonals, produce a solid line of core beers, and operate a daily brew line that sit central to everything Brewfist do.

Brewfist have been brewing great beer since 2010, with quality and drinkability at its core. Their ‘grande obiettivo’, or main goal? To make more beer for more and more willing imbibers.


位于伦巴第地区科多尼奥镇的Brewfist,由两位曾是建筑师的Andrea Pietro 掌,他们以一种抗击意大利旧式啤酒观念的方式酿造自己的酒。他们放言道:“Per- oni?忘记它吧!”。虽然Brewfist看起来有意避开传统的一面,但它非常尊重意大利传统工匠艺术并将其 与现代科技和流行趋势融合。他们在运作着一个极有名气的桶酿项目,生产少量的 一次性特殊款和流行款。还有一条精品酒的生产线以及常用款式的生产线。

Brewfist2010年开始酿造啤酒,一直坚持高品质及易饮性。他们的“grande obiettivo”,伟大的目标? 是为更多的啤酒爱好者酿造更多的啤酒。


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