Piedmont in Northern Italy is home to a number of large breweries. However recently, it has also become a thriving location for younger craft breweries. Amongst these, it was Canediguerra in Alessandria that won us over for its memorable and delicious beers, their dedication to the craft and for their all-round charming team.

Four partners and friends formed Canediguerra in 2015. Head brewer, Alessio Gatti, better known as ‘Allo’, led the charge.

Allo worked for ten years in the brewing industry, primarily working as a brewer for five famous breweries at national level. He spent these years living out of a suitcase, before eventually coming to the conclusion that he wanted to start his own. For that, he decided to return to his small hometown in Alessandria.

Taking up residence in an abandoned industrial estate, they began to brew under the powerful moniker Canediguerra (meaning, war of the dog). Their mission and ethos runs parallel to clout, with a goal to focus on an essentialist image (see their gorgeous labels too) to reflect the underlying philosophy of their beers. Canediguerra feature a range of traditional brews that respect the stylistic canons of reference, and remain all unfiltered and strictly unpasteurized. This level of dedication is proven through their yearly domination in the Slow Food Guide and a string of famous collaborations with everyone from Kanye West to cult underground brewery, Wiper & True.



由首席酿酒师Alessio Gatti牵头,2015Canediguerra在四位好友的努力下成立。

Alessio Gatti在酿酒业已打拼十余载,曾为五所国家级酿酒厂制酒。常年四处奔波,披星戴月的Alessio最终决定在自己的家乡亚历山德里亚市成立自己的酿酒公司,打造自己的酿酒平台。

秉承简洁专注的酿酒理念,Alessio重新启用该市旧工业厂区,成立了Canediguerra。他们拥有一整套传统精酿啤酒生产线,酿酒工序严格遵循传统风格,未经过滤及巴氏消毒处理。对传统酿酒的绝对专注,使Canediguerra得到慢餐文化导航常年重点报道,受到嘻哈歌手坎耶·维斯特(Kanye West)的青睐,并与教父级地下精酿公司Wiper & True多次合作。



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