Carakale Brewery is a Jordanian microbrewery founded in 2010 in the town of Fuheis near Amman. It was founded by Jordanian and engineer, Yazan Karadsheh. Karadsheh was in Colorado, USA, a state with a fantastic brewing culture, when he decided to start Carakale. His inspiration came after sifting through a book on Beers of the World and noticed his home country did not have a single one. It also helped that he disliked his current job working in the oil industry.

After short apprenticeships at local Colorado microbreweries, he took his new skills and headed to Jordan to begin the process of building a brewery. In partnership with his father, they worked through the challenging government regulations and set to work creating Jordan’s first microbrewery.

Carakale’s first production beer was a blonde ale meant to serve as entry-level brew to create a craft beer culture in Jordan, where it previously didn’t exist. The brewery sold its first bottle in late 2013.

In an effort to distinguish itself from the crowded microbrewery market, Carakale infuse local ingredients into their beers to create a range of beers that are unique to Jordan. The most notable is, “Dead Sea-rious”, agose beer includes salt from the Dead Sea and pink grapefruit from the Jordan Valley.

The brewery is named after Caracal, a mammal that is native to Jordan.

Carakale2010年由约旦工程师Yazan Karadsheh在安曼附近的Fuheis镇建立的。Karadsheh曾经在美国科罗拉多州待过,那是一个有着神奇的酒文化的州。他的建 立酿酒厂的想法是在看过Beers of the World这本书之后出现的,因为他注意到自 己的祖国没有这样一个事物。这也使得他愈加反感自己当时的石油行业工作。


Carakale的第一款批量生产的啤酒 Blonde Ale,旨在用这款入门级的啤酒为约旦 开创从未有过的精酿啤酒文化。

为了在竞争激烈的啤酒作坊市场中有自己特色,Carakale在自己啤酒中注入了当地 特色的原料来打造一系列在约旦比较独特的啤酒。最值得注意的是“Dead Sea-ri- ous”,这款酒加入了死海里的盐和约旦河谷的粉色葡萄柚.



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