Della Granda

Birrificio Della Granda was founded in 2011 in Lagnasco, Cuneo. Cuneo is a province within the larger region of Piedmont, and is an area of great agricultural and gastronomic tradition.

Della Granda is helmed by Ivano Astesana, a former traveling biol- ogist and computer consultant. Yearning for home, he left his job and moved back to his family farm where he begun to homebrew in his shed and eventually transforming it to become the award-winning brewery that is with us today.

Located on a farm, Della Granda harvests all their own ingredients for their brews ensuring they craft every part of the process with the best quality ingredients. Everyone who works at the brewery and on the farm share an intense inner passion for nature, its fruits and its care.

Farming this land taught them how they wanted their beers to be, rediscovering traditional methods in a personal way, with a passion for flavorful things that come from the great gastronomic tradition of the land. This personal approach is evoked in every element of their ales: from the beer inside, each a distinct flavor, to the labels with their beer tone indicator, purposely placed to assist in food pairings.

Birrificio Della Granda2011年在CuneoLagnasco成立。库尼欧是皮埃蒙特大 区域内的一个省,是一个伟大的农业和美食传统地区。

Della Granda现在由曾是游历生物学者和电脑咨询师的Ivano Astesana执掌。由于 思念家乡,他放弃了他的工作回到了故乡的家庭农场,在那里他在自家木棚中自酿 啤酒最终发展成为了现在我们见到的这个一流的酒厂。

位于农场中的Della Granda每年自己生产酿酒的原材料,这样就可以确保他们能用 最好的原料做真正的精酿啤酒。


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