Eastside Brewing

From another corner of Italy, Latina, we introduce Eastside Brewing. Founded in 2013 by a group of friends, their story begins with a home brew. Or several.

They tested the market first by attending beer festivals and events, growing the brand organically before taking the leap and opening their own brewery at the end of 2014. Their first brew under ‘Eastside Brewing’ was available mid-2015 after plenty of experimentation and experiences drawn from travel, local tradition and food. But their ultimate mission is to spread the knowledge and love of artisanal beer locally, with a firm belief that their brews are a valid alternative to the high organoleptic qualities that wine offers. This is maintained by a strict requirement that their beers remain unfiltered, unpasteurized and without adjuncts or cheap ingredients.

Eastside focus on the aromatic, enmeshing themselves into their picturesque botanical meets historical surroundings of their local town that are translated into their liquid concoctions. They move away from the American style of dry hopping that can create overly pungent aromas, instead favoring a balance of aromas and flavor. This is further augmented by their intricate, illustrated floral and collage labeling by local artist Roberto Terrinoni denoting a brief story that relates to the beer, territory or the passion of the team. 

This is the first time Eastside Brewing is in Asia.




东岸酿酒厂注重啤酒的气味,他们将植物与当地城镇的历史环境相融合,汇聚而成了一瓶瓶美味的啤酒。他们摆脱了美式冷泡法的酿造工艺,因此啤酒的香味更浓,反而有利于使啤酒的口感与气味更加平衡。之后他们更加增强了啤酒的花香味,并与当地艺术家Roberto Terrinoni合作设计出了独特的酒标,并注明了关于啤酒的小故事以及相关团队的介绍。




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