Eight Degrees

Eight Degrees Brewing is an award-winning independent Irish craft brewery from Mitchelstown, County Cork and is renowned for its innovation and experimentation. The brewery was established in 2010 by Kiwi Scott and Aussie Cam, who moved from the Southern Hemisphere after being lured to Ireland by two Irish cailins. The guys at Eight Degrees Brewing are passionate about producing exciting and adventurous beers using only natural ingredients.

In Ireland the brewery supplies 120 pubs pouring their beers on draught, and over 300 restaurants and off-licences selling their beers in bottles. They also export to Italy, France, UK, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Australia.

Why the name? Ireland is located at eight degrees west longitude which, as it happens, is also the perfect serving temperature for our beer.

Owners and brewers Cam Wallace and Scott Baigent have achieved something special. Yes, they do make some fantastic beer but, more remarkably than that, they are unique examples of a Kiwi and an Aussie working together in semi-harmony…well, apart from the odd sporting difference. They both learnt how to make full flavoured beers as home brewers and then studied how to make these consistently at the Versuchs und Lehranstalt fur Braurei (VLB) Institute in Berlin.

Aussie Cam is a trained chartered accountant. He likes to say that he’s more of an adventure seeking, sports crazed, beer-loving kind of accountant than the nerdy, pale, office-bound kind. Scott, the Kiwi, is a water engineer who tries to mix his loves of epic travel and air guitar at every available opportunity. In just five years the Eight Degrees team has expanded to ten, including head brewer Mike, assistant brewers Derek and Dan, office manager Paudy, marketing guru Caroline, David on sales and our packaging and distribution guys John and Brien.



八度酿酒公司名字的起源也颇有讲究:一是爱尔兰位于西经八度;巧合的是,八度也是最能体现精酿啤酒特质,最适宜饮用的温度。公司创始人及酿酒师凯姆瓦乐斯和斯考特佰靖成就非凡,他们是新西兰人和澳大利亚人成功合作的典范。他们一起自学了如何家酿风味十足的啤酒,后一同在柏林Versuchs und Lehranstalt für Brauerei研究所系统学习了酿酒技术,从而确保为顾客提供品质如一的精酿啤酒。




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