Freedom Brewery

Established in 1995, Freedom Brewery is a pioneer of premium craft lager brewing in the UK. Now one of the leading breweries in this sector, Freedom’s range of beers have won over 25 International and National awards in the last 4 years alone.

Originally London based, the team moved up north to Staffordshire in the quest for better water and sustainable brewing. Now set on a private estate of rolling countryside and access to their own private spring water source, they continue to innovate with flavor and process to prove that lager is more than just lager!

Aside from commercial breweries, you’d be hard pressed to find a craft brew- ery sticking to just a lager based offerings. We loved it – their line of beers are approachable, easy to drink and pair with anything, and help change any misconception around lagers: that it is possible to get craft lagers made with high quality ingredients and using hands, not just machines and automated technology. There’s no excuse for substitutes.

All Freedom Beer is bottom fermented in closed, pressurized vessels. Lager is fermented at a lower temperature than ale and therefore takes longer – be- tween 7 to 14 days, in contrast to 4 to 5 days. During fermentation, the beer naturally carbonates itself as a result of the breakdown of sugars to alcohol. This makes lagers one of the more difficult beers to brew. Any mistakes can’t be hidden behind a load of hops. This makes it a great way to test the skill of a brewery.

建于1995年的Freedom酒厂,是英国顶级手工拉格先驱之一。Freedom的一系列 啤酒仅仅在过去4年间就赢得了25项国际和国内荣誉,如今它已然成为这一领域的 龙头之一。


如今酒厂坐落在一片乡村私人土地上,邻近自己的泉源。他们仍然在持续改良酒的 口味以向大家证明拉格不仅仅是拉格。 在商业啤酒之外,你很难找到一个仅以拉 格为主的精酿啤酒厂。我们很喜欢它,它的酒非常平易近人,好喝又易搭配。还让 很多人改变了以往对拉格的陈旧观念:拉格不仅仅是机器和自动化科技能做,用高 品质的原料手工酿造精品拉格也是可以的。

所有Freedom啤酒都是经过在密闭加压的容器底部发酵。拉格要在更低的温度下发 酵因而需要比其他酒的4-5天更长一点通常需要7-14天。在发酵期间,糖分自然分 解成酒精和二氧化碳。这使得拉格成为酿造难度较大的酒类之一。在大量酿造过程 中容不得半点失误,这也让它成为了检验酿酒厂技术的一个很好的途径。


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