NBeer Craft Brewing, established in 2013 in Beijing, is one of the first locally owned and brewed craft beer brands in China. To this day, they are leaders in China’s burgeoning craft beer movement, gaining a dedicated following among the nation’s craft beer fans. NBeers’ diverse and innovative brews have broadly influenced craft and premium beer venues across the nation. They are one of the few Chinese craft brands with a fully-licensed production facility of their own.

NBeer is the brainchild of two intrepid Beer Geeks – aspiring brewmaster, Yinhai, was originally a computer engineer, but early on became one of the first Chinese homebrewers and craft beer advocates. A founding member of the multi-national Beijing Homebrew Society, he is the author of the nationwide bestseller, the NBeer Bible – The Ultimate Guide to Everything Craft Beer. NBeer’s other co- founder, Jin Xin AKA Xiaobiar – one of China’s foremost outdoorsmen by day – is by night (and sometimes day), China’s most famous beer bottle collector, Beer Geek and graphic designer. The pair’s family names each mean “Silver ” and “Gold” respectively – and with both their auspicious names and original professions in mind, they strive to produce China’s BEST beers, both inside and out!

NBeer strives to guarantee the highest quality in our diverse and innovative beers, from their regular year-round lineup, to seasonals, collaboration brews and experimental and limited small-batch offerings. They are also among the first in China to start a barrel-aging program.

Their beers are currently available in cans, as well as both disposable and stainless steel kegs.

牛啤堂,创立于 2013 年的北京,是中国最早的 一批国人自创的精酿啤酒品牌之一,成立几年来, 一直是中国精酿的领军品牌之一,走在推广中国精 酿文化的第一线,得到众多中国啤酒爱好者的喜爱。 由牛啤堂研发和酿造的多元化,创新性的当代中 国精酿在中国各啤酒屋和啤酒商店得到爱好者们的 追捧 , 他们在北京和其它地方的几个实体店更是都 从开业至今被发烧友们天天满堂。由牛啤堂发起和 参与的众多活动已也成为中国标志性的啤酒活动, 红遍全国。而作为中国精酿早期少数几个拥有合法 自有工厂的精酿品牌,从 2017 年起,牛啤堂开始 走出国门,和众多国外一线品牌合作,合酿,也同 时作为中国精酿代表之一参加各式国际顶级啤酒大 赛,开始场场不落的斩金夺银,证明中国精酿的超 一流能力 ~ !

牛啤堂由两位圈内著名的啤酒疯子创立,银海, 前集成电路专家,转型酿酒师,中国最早的家酿啤 酒和精酿啤酒玩家,中国最早的精酿啤酒酿酒师之 一,中国最大最早的北京自酿啤酒协会发起人,著 有畅销全国的啤酒知识入门书:《牛啤经精酿啤 酒终极宝典》

小辫(本名金鑫),中国最有名的啤酒收藏家, 发烧友,品鉴师,和啤酒包装设计师,著有《世界 啤酒簇谱》,也是国内户外圈顶级的骑行大神。金 银组合一直强调,最好的啤酒,不管是内在,还是 外在,都可以出自中国~!

牛啤堂坚持在保证高品质下推出多样化,创新化 的各色酒品,除了各式常备款外,每个季度都会推 出数种有针对性的季节款产品,而他们和不同酒厂 的合作款,还有他们限量推出的各种极限酒,实验 酒,也会不定期推出。牛啤堂也是中国最早开始木 桶陈酿计划的国内酒厂,他们的牛比克系列陈酿酸 啤,以及烈酒桶陈酿的各式烈啤,也将开始不定期 出品,尽请期待。



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