We visited the inconspicuous looking home of Retorto on a sweltering hot Italian summer day. Nestled within a rural neighborhood in Podenzano, Retorto’s entrance is unassuming – easily confused for a local town hall or school. As you enter, the room is filled with their brews, available to purchase and enjoy onsite for the local townsfolk. It is here where you can always find a friendly member of the Ceresa family, the co-owners of Retorto.

Three siblings, Monica, Marcello, and Davide, started Retorto back in 2011. Their first four beers, Morning Glory, Daughter of Autumn, Latte Piu and Krakatoa, were made available to the market in 2012. By 2013 they were named best brewery in Italy. Since then their flavorsome collection has grown in variety and style, often inspired by their experiences, background and interests, and winning dozens of awards along the way.

The brewery has remained small, with just Monica and Marcello running the day-to-day operations. Monica focuses on sales and marketing, while Marcello is head brewer. The family have managed to keep everything under one roof; a door in the entrance hall leads to a vast high-ceiling brewery filled with equipment – fermenters, wood barrels and a bottling line – everything is done in-house here.

During our visit Monica jokingly tells us beer was always destined to be the family endgame given their last name, Ceresa (sounds very similar to ‘beer’ in a variety of languages).

在意大利一个闷热的夏天,我们参观了一家当地的家酿酒厂”RETORTO”. 坐落在波登扎诺一个居民区内,RETORTO的大门很低调,极容易和当地的政府办公楼或学校混淆。踏入展厅 满屋的啤酒供当地人采购和享用。在这里随处可见Ceresa(创始人)家族和RETORTO的持股人。

Monica, Marcello Davide三兄妹于2011年回到家乡创办了RETORTO. 次年他们的四款酒 (M.G/Morning Glory、秋之女/Daughter of Autumn、更拿铁/Latte Piu、喀拉喀托喷射/Krakattoa 步入市场。 2013年便被命名为意大利最最牛B的酒厂之一。自此,凭借他们的经验、文化背景和兴趣爱好,不断丰富产品的口感和品种并一路夺取数十个奖项。

酒厂一直保持原本的特质精小. 日常的运营只有MonicaMarcello两个人。 Monica负责市场营销,而Marcello则是头牌酿酒师。在宽阔的酿酒房里摆放着所用酿酒设备,通过玄关入口直接映入眼帘的便是啤酒的灌装设备:发酵罐、木桶、灌装线等一应俱全

交谈中Monica开玩笑的说, 啤酒是他们Ceresa家族命中注定的产业。因为Ceresa 这个词在很多西方语言中的意思就是啤酒.


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