One of the more well-known craft breweries from the UK, Thornbridge (founded in 2005) has risen quickly from its 10-barrel brewery in a carpenter’s shed on the Thornbridge Hall grounds, to a 30-barrel brewery based in a cotton factory in Bakewell, a cute little town in the heart of the picturesque Peak District.

Brewing under the motto “Innovation, Passion and Knowledge,” Thornbridge is known for producing consistently high-quality craft beer – where right from the start, founder Jim Harrison, invested heavily in finding the best and most experienced brewers who could build the brand.

With an initial focus on traditional brewing styles and cask beers, Thornbridge began adding a modern twist to their beers over the years, subsequently winning over 350 awards for both brewery and beers since its founding. The Jaipur alone, arguably Thornbridge’s most famous brew, has won over 150 alone.

Thornbridge were at the forefront of the craft beer resurgence, in- troducing the market to some of the hoppiest beers around. People told them they were crazy, but sure enough as time would tell, the beer and the brewery have grown to be well-respected globally.


更知名的英伦酒厂之一,Thornbridge(建于2005)Thornbridge Hall的木匠 小棚屋里10桶的酿酒作坊迅速成长为30个桶的酒厂,搬入了在风景如画的Peak区的 漂亮小镇Bakewell的一个棉布厂里。

创新,激情,知识为宗旨,创始人Jim Harrison 在大量调查了最优秀的和有经 验的成功品牌的酿酒人之后,Thornbridge始终如一的坚持生产高品质精酿啤酒。

虽然一开始专注于传统酿酒方式和木桶酿酒,Thornbridge后来逐渐加入了现代的 一些技术,在建厂之后总共为酒厂和啤酒赢得了超过350项奖项。Jaipur,可说是 Thornbridge最知名的一款酒,仅仅它就赢得了超过150个奖项。

Thornbridge一直在复苏精酿啤酒的前沿阵地,向全世界推广有着浓浓酒花味道的啤 酒。人们曾说他们疯了,但毫无疑问时间会证明一切,如今Thornbridge酒厂及其啤 酒已经在全世界备受尊崇。


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